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Best Wooden Chess Board Game of 2023

Best Wooden Chess Board Game of 2023 – Kraftsman Chess Boards

The game has been played all around the world for 1500 years now. Chess is being played at an international level and the person who became the champion of the world is called the Grandmaster. People who are good at playing chess are considered as smart and intelligent because of the strategies they use to play chess. 

There are many types of wooden chess in the world; various models are made till now. We have many companies too, who manufacture chess boards but not all chess boards stay up to the expectations or they are too fancy.


Why You Should Play Chess?

Surprisingly, chess is known to help people to improve their memory. Expert chess players have strong mental and sharp memory skills. The game of chess involves memorizing various patterns, combinations, and mind-reading skills to understand potential outcomes from an opponent.

Experienced chess players show higher IQs than normal people, they are better at memory recollection, building strategies, and understanding opponent’s body language.

Studies showed; By playing chess, people develops special time management skills, that can be applied in real life. Chess helps in concentration improvement too, students who play chess can sit for many hours for studying.


What Are The Qualities Of The Best Chess Board?

The following points are considered as the qualities of Best Chess Board:

Wooden Chess Board- It is the chessboard made up of wood. Wooden Chess boards are treated as The Best Chess Board till now.

From ancient times wood was used to make chess because wood is strong, light in weight, and better in handling. Nowadays, chess boards are made from plastic or fiber polyethylene which is not good for the environment nor keeps up the tradition of chess boards.

Plastic models are not strong, plastic pieces of the chessboard are a choking hazard for children because kids tend to eat plastic than wood. Most importantly plastic cannot be disposed of. Thereby, it is a wise choice to choose a wooden chessboard.

Portable Chess Board- Chess is considered an indoor game but chess players’ intent to carry their boards with themselves anytime anywhere to practice their game most of the times. Chess can be played anywhere and anytime, it is better to carry a chessboard to avoid boredom.

You can carry a game of chess to a family picnic or long tours to spend quality time with your family. If a person is not a social person then too chess is a great option for them. Some people don’t need a partner to play chess, they challenge themselves every time to practice and to improve their game.


Kraftsman’s Wooden Chess Board Game

Many companies make Wooden Chess Boards but few companies manufacture and sell Portable Wooden Chess Board Game. “Kraftman” is one of the brands that make portable and high quality Wooden Chess Boards. Our chess boards have all qualities to consider as best chessboard.

We make our chessboard and Pawns from wood.  We use high quality pine wood to make our game boards and pawns which is considered as good quality. There is a safety pouch to keep all pawns safe and sound. Your pawns won’t get lost in that pouch because of the good quality of cloth used.

Inlay Pawns Board

Our chessboard also comes with an inlay pawns tray installed on the board, this tray is very useful, and your pawns would not fall because of air or due to slight shakes of the board. You can play chess in running a car, train while traveling, or in an open field during picnics.

Best in class wooden Chess Board Games. Unique in desin ang Style
Pawns are inalyed to the chess board

The structure of the board is made like a puzzle game where you can insert the pawns and remove them comfortably. This creates a safeguard for you while playing.

The pieces are made up of brown and light brown wood to give a feeling of pure wood and these pieces are light in weight with good texture which gives a good feel of touch. The board’s size is handy and perfect to hold and handle.

The Chess Board can split into 4 pieces to make it portable. 


Four Tiles Structure

The board can be split into 4 tiles to keep it ready to carry and travel along with you anytime anywhere. Where ever you wanted to play just connect all the 4 tiles together and start playing. Here the pawns are kept in safe pouch to make them handy. They will fall into your purse or bag. Also there are less chance to lose any one them.

All chess boards are handcrafted by highly experienced woodworkers who are working in this field for more than a decade. The board has a perfect dimension from edge to edge.

The object tiles on the chessboard can be played as a puzzle for kids. This will help them to grow their intellect. Kids will improve their memory if they start playing chess at a younger age.

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