Wooden Memory Chess Game
Wooden Memory Chess Game

Best Wooden Memory Chess Game 2023

Best Wooden Memory Chess Game 2023

Humans have an evolving nature; they usually introduce new things and stuff for their entertainment and convenience. From the past to now, we have created a lot of things just for entertainment purposes. In earlier times we used to play outdoor games like cricket, football, and many more.

The time has changed and these outdoor games are mostly replaced by digital games on smartphones. People used to spend a full day playing these games, they are good for your mental health but not for your physical fitness.

Especially for your kids. You can’t hand them over with a smartphone. It will be really dangerous for their eyes and physical growth.

As an alternative, you can go for ordinary indoor games, these games are having various benefits for the health of your kids. As they help in mental growth, strengthen memory, brain training, and more importantly the perfect entertainment for them. 

If you are looking for the Best Wooden Memory Chess game 2023 you are at the right place. Here it is,

Kraftsman Wooden Memory Chess Game for Kids

Wooden Memory Chess Game Components
Wooden Memory Chess Game Components

The memory Chess game is presented by Kraftsman for your kids, the body of the game is prepared from 100% natural wood, and there is no use of plastic and artificial substances that are harmful to your kid’s health.

More importantly, the game is fully manufactured in India under the Make in India scheme, which directly contributes to the Indian economy.

The game consists of 24 pawns and dice. All you need to do is just place them on the color side of the game and throw the dice and look for the matched color according to the number of your dice.

So simple, to play and the game is having several benefits and advantages to the physical and brain health of your kid.

The game will help your kids to remember the numbers and memorize the colors with their names. It will help them in the future and for educational purposes as well.

Features and specifications 

  • Memorize the color: This game can be played while recognizing the colors, when your kid will start to play this game they have grown a memory of colors. It will help them to memorize them, which is beneficial for them in the future.
  • Made of safe and non-toxic wooden material: As we have discussed above, the game is fully manufactured with% mayoral and genuine wood. There are no harmful effects or serious consequences of this game to the health of your kid. Even if your kids bite it, it doesn’t cause any infection or lethal illness.
  • Health benefits: As I have mentioned above, the game has several benefits to the physical and mental health of your kids. It will help in the development of the brain, and enhance memory power. You kids stay away from smartphones and digital games that prevent their eyes from getting weak.
  • Curved edges: The games don’t include sharp edges, this will prevent all kinds of injuries to the body of your kid. You can leave your kids alone with the game in any room.
  • 30Cms colored dice are also included with the pack: You got a colored dice of 30Cms along with the game. Which is attractive and fascinates the eyes of your kids. This will make them play the game during the day and develop their skills as well.
  • You can play by memorizing the color or maybe the number of the pawns: The game can be played in two ways, one by the side of colors and another by the side of numbers. Your kid can play another if getting bored with the previous one.
  • Mobility: The size of the game is enough to carry anywhere in the house, it is highly mobile. You can even bring it with you anywhere in your car. Whether you are going for a picnic or on vacation, bring it with you and have a good time with your family or kids.
  • Everyone can play: Not only the kids but the adults and elders can also play the game together. If you are free and looking for any entertainment then bring the game and sit in a circle around it. Play together and remember the memories of your childhood.

Hence, all the above-mentioned features and specifications you are going to enjoy along with the game. The memory chess game will be worth buying and your kids are getting engaged in playing the game throughout the day. It will prevent them from sitting in front of a screen.


Giving your kids mobile devices like smartphones at a little age is dangerous for their health and well-being as well. It may cause harmful consequences for their eyes and mental health. The diclinous game is mostly based on violence and fighting. This will fill their mind with the same mentality and can prepare them as future criminals.

More importantly, online games are addictive. If someone starts to play these games, they get engaged in them and forget all their moral duties and responsibilities. They don’t consume food on time and this will make them physically weak as well.


  • How many players can play the game?

The game is based on multiplayer and more than 6 people or kids can play the game together sitting in a circle around the game.

  • Is it expensive?

No, the price is reasonable and less than other expensive games available on Amazon. The game is worth buying for your kid’s entertainment and mental development.

  • Can we bring the game anywhere with our kids?

Yes, the game is equipped with mid-sized dice and other accessories, all of which can be kept in a single box and carried along with you in all places. Including your car, park, picnic, schools, and other places with ease.

  • Is the game only made for kids?

Yes, it is true that the game is only made for the kids but you can also play as a player with your kids or together I’m free time. It is better than any online game.

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