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The Best Tambola Board Game

Kraftsman Wooden Tambola Board Game | Make in India

Want something to play with your whole family? Or want to do something for the Game night with too many players? Then Tambola is the right game for you, you can play this game with as many players available. This the Best Tambola Game in its board game category | Make in India.

Kraftsman presents “Tambola game” made up of 100% engineered pine wood, even the numbered coins are also made up of wood. We are looking forward to reducing plastic use as much we can and help our planet to stay happy. Our company use high quality engineered pine wooden material to manufacture all games instead of plastic or metal. That’s why this is the Best Tambola Game in its board games category.

Thereby our games are bio-degradable and environmental friendly and can be played by adults, kids and all types of age Groups.

What Is Tambola?

Tambola game is also known as bingo, housie and Indian Tambola in some part of the world. It is an indoor game but can be played at outside, in any events/occasions. Lately, people have also started playing Tambola online with the help of the internet and app, people from different places can play Tambola anytime anywhere but the real fun is in playing with our loved ones.


Best Wooden Tambola Game | Unique in Design and Style | Make in India

Tambola is played by picking out numbers ranging from 1 to 90 each at a time by the host of the game. The rest are players who strike out the numbers on their ticket. The ticket has 27 squares, arranged in nine columns by three rows. Each row has a total of 5 numbers printed on it. A column can have 3 numbers in a row with a total of 15 numbers in a ticket. The game can have maximum of 25 players that can play together but not more than that. Each player must have one ticket each but can have max 3 tickets in one game. But yes, you can play with your own customized rules.

There are many stages to win the game.

  • Early-5: The player who strikes first 5 numbers in a single ticket.
  • Corners: The player who strikes all 4 numbers at each corner of the ticket. It means the first and last number of top and bottom row of the ticket.
  • Top-line: The player who strikes all five numbers in top line.
  • Center-line: the player who strikes all the fine numbers of center line.
  • Bottom-line: The player who strikes all the five numbers of last line.
  • Centre-Number: The player who strike the centre number of the ticker i.e. the third number of centre line.
  • Full-House: The player who strikes down all the numbers in the ticket is the final winner and wins the bumper prize of the game.


Tambola was first originated in the city of Naples of southern Italy. The year, in which Tambola started is not yet exact, some sources claim it to be in 1500’s and some says it to be in the early 18th century. In Italy the game was first known as Giuoco del lotto d’italia’. In USA Tambola is called bingo. It was mostly played in Christmas time, and prices are sometimes allegorical. Tambola is now more played in India and Pakistan.


Tambola is completely legal around the world, but at some places this game is used for gambling and other activities. Therefore, you’re completely safe having this game with you.


  • Tambola improves eye and body coordination.
  • It also maintains mental stimulation by keeping the brain active; it is the key of lowering cognitive decline.
  • Maintains social connection.
  • It can be played anywhere not just in casinos or special places.
  • It creates better emotional and physical health.
  • There is no age limit for playing Tambola.

How Kraftsman’s Tambola game is unique

The Kraftsman’s wooden Tambola Board Game is unique in its design and its style. The finishing of the game will give wooden touch and feel while playing the game. No chemical colours, no plastic content used anywhere while manufacturing the game.  

Tambola Game Board split in 4 Tiles to ease to travel
  • The board of the game where the numbered coins are placed can be split into 4 different tiles.
  • A Cloth pouch in the box: The numbered coins are (1-90 numbers) are packed in cloth pouch, so that they will not fall outside of your purse/bag. This prevents the coins being lost.
  • Coins fixed in the board: While playing the game, the coins are fixed into their specific numbered place, and they will slip out by their places by small jerks.

This makes the game board EASY TO CARRY anytime anywhere. You just need to join the 4 tiles together and start playing and have fun with your friends and family members wherever you want.


  • Our wooden Tambola can be bought online from our website.
  • It can be played anywhere and anytime as it is an indoor game.
  • Tambola is mostly played at Christmas and other family gatherings as it is fun to play with more people with exciting gifts.


Kraftsman’s Wooden Tambola Board Game contains:

  1. A Wooden Game Board.
  2. 1-90 numbered wooden coins.
  3. 600 different tambola tickets paper booklet.
  4. A cloth pouch to keep safe your coins.
  5. Instruction manual (How to play Tambola).

This is a fun game to play with everyone just explain the rules once and your family and friends will get addicted to this game. Have a great family time. Throw a party or take it to any event or occasion and have a game night this game. We can make our own rules; keep exciting prizes for the winners. This will help in increasing amusement in the Game.

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