Wooden Corridor Board Game | 2-4 Players Board Game for All Age Groups

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  • Solve the maze in the opponent’s mind. The game is all about creating and solving the real-time maze game to stop and overcome the walls placed by other opponents to reach the last opposite row.
  • The Corridor Board Game is 100% eco-friendly. The product is made up of high-quality engineered wood by experienced woodworkers in India.
  • The game board is of 81 square chips of a 9×9 grid. 2-4 players can choose their own color of the pawn from Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue with equally divided walls among them. Easy to learn and hours of fun anytime anywhere.
  • The cloth pouch (included) will help you safeguard your pawns and walls of the game. It means you can carry the game with you anywhere and have hours of fun with your kids, friends, and family members. Great party/traveling game for all occasions.
  • Best suited for all age groups. Improves critical thinking, organizing and structuring, hand eye-coordination, strategy formation, and problem-solving skills through engaging gameplay.
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Solve the Maze in the Opponent’s Mind. This is what Wooden Corridor Board Game is all about. The game board is of 81 square chips of a 9×9 grid.

The game is made up of high-quality engineered pine wood by experienced woodworkers in India. fully safe for your young ones and a 100% non-toxic product.

The game is 100% portable means you can carry it along with you anywhere you want. Keep your kids busy with the corridor game while traveling.

Let them enhance their new skills and get familiar with maze-solving puzzles.

Corridor Board Game Rules:

Each player represents their own pawn of their own choice from Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. The Game begins at the center tile of the very first row on the board.

The objective is to be the first player to reach any tile on the opponent’s side of the game board where it begins.

The corridor board game consists of 20 walls, each player carries 10 walls each (in 2 players game) or 5 each (in 4 players game). These walls are flat two-tiles-wide which can be placed in the groove that runs between the tiles.

The walls block the path of all the pawns in the game. Once placed cannot be moved or replaced during the game.

On a turn, the player either plays the pawn or places the wall in between the tiles. Enjoy this real-time live MAZE PUZZLE game with your friends and family member anytime anywhere.

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