Wooden Portable Chess Board Game Set for Kids and Adults of All Age Groups

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  • 100% high quality pine wooden material
  • handcrafted by highly experienced wood workers
  • Compact Packaging to give you ease to carry while travelling anywhere anytime
  • Pouch will help you safe guard the objects to get lost
  • Object tiles will help you to place the objects in flat tiles to solve the puzzle for kids.
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Best Wooden Chess Board, Handcrafted Chess Set with Pawns safety pouch and inlay Pawns Tray (11.5 X 11.5 inches Board).

The Wooden Chess Game Board Set is made of high quality pine Wood. You can play while travelling in long journey in cars and trains, etc. The pawns are inlaid like puzzle game in tray to safe guard them. A small pouch is also included to safe guard the objects.

Pieces are made up of brown and light brown to give you the exact feel of pure wood. They will slip out from the board once fixed.

The Chess board can be splitted into 4 pieces when not in play, which takes less place and makes it portable to carry everywhere. It looks antique and classy. It is durable and will last you for a long time.

Challenge your child to a game of chess and let him use his logical skills to devise strategies to counter your moves. Chess has long been regarded as a game that can have beneficial effects on learning on development, especially when it is played from a young age.

This classy, convenient chess set makes a great gift.

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