Kraftsman Kindergarten Educational, Growing and Knowing Game (Learning Maths and Capital Letters Alphabets)

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  • 100% Made up of Wood with high quality pine wood.
  • The pouch will help you collect all the coins in q place and never let you loose any single of them
  • Easy to carry with it small size so that kids can hold the coins properly.
  • Kids will grow and learn the basics anytime, anywhere with is small portable game
  • 12 Blank coins to recreate your lost coins or new ones by your own.
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Presenting the new Mini Sentence Maker with Capital Letter game. kindergarten game educational growing and knowing game. Mini Sentence Maker with english capital letters will help your kids to identify capital letter alphabets. They can also learn to make words and small sentences using the same coins of capital letter alphabets.

Presenting the new education game of Learn Maths and memory matching game. The game has small coins of 0-9 numbers along with add, substract, multiply, divide, braces, greater than and equals to symbols. There are 6 pairs of numbers coins and a pair of each symbol and 12 extra blank coins.

This game will help your kids to identify the numbers and maths symbols. They can learn to create and solve the equations of maths to understand the rule of BODMAS in maths subject.

The product is made of high quality pine wood by highly experienced woodworkers and purely handcrafted. A travel coin pouch is also provided to safeguard the coins. The coins will not fall into your bag or purse while carrying the product with you.

Enjoy with your kids with this small game to help them learning and growing.




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