Kraftsman Stack up Puzzles/ Layered Puzzle Kangaroo Shape for Kids | Color Kit Included | 6 Pieces Puzzle

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  • Coloring kit included.
  • Made with Engineered wood.
  • Kids can learn the stack-up concepts with the game.
  • Fun to color and play the game.
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Kraftsman, Presents stack-up puzzles also called layered puzzles. The puzzle is 6 pieces puzzle and has layers of wooden cutouts from the small piece at the bottom to the largest piece at the top.
Kids need to sort kangaroo-shaped cutouts puzzle pieces from small to mid-sized to large sizes.
Kids can stack up all the puzzle pieces to learn small to large size stack up one by one from bottom to top to the biggest piece.
We did not color the pieces as kids may learn the color combinations to sort the puzzle rather than understanding the concept or stack up/layered puzzle.
We allow kids to color each piece of the layered puzzle to play with their own imagination. Keep your kids busy with coloring the puzzle game by themselves and enjoy the puzzle forever.

Kraftsman, The brand you can trust for the best quality puzzles and board games.
We bring to you fun-filled board games, puzzles, educational products, etc to entertain your growing children while they learn and shine.

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Weight430 g
Dimensions15 × 15 × 3.5 cm


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